Motorola announced the new Droid lineup as well as its flagship Moto X smartphone recently. The company touted one particular feature that exists in all of these smartphones, the ability to launch camera app through a gesture. The feature is obviously limited to Motorola’s devices, but a new app has gone live on the Google Play Store which brings a similar functionality for almost every Android device out there. The Twisty Launcher app lets users assign apps which will be automatically launched after they make a certain gesture with the device in hand.

Lets be clear, Twisty isn’t exactly a conventional Android “launcher,” its not a home screen that you slap on your device. Its a standalone app which runs in the background and waits patiently to detect a gesture, upon which it launches the selected app. Twisty Launcher is available as a free download from Google Play Store, the camera app is selected by default and it offers one gesture. With the device facing towards the user, it only needs to be flicked to the left and back upright twice to launch the pre-determined app. If you want to assign any other app, you’ll have to fork up $0.99 as an in-app purchase. It would also enable two more gestures, a perpendicular flip and a “barrel roll” motion.

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