UCLEAR Introduces Boomless Bluetooth Helmet Communication System

HBC200 ForceUCLEAR has introduced what it calls the industry’s first boomless Bluetooth helmet communication system, where it sports multiple user intercom and unlimited range capabilities that will cater for the motorsports, snow sports, outdoor, and cycling communities. Thanks to the kind of advanced technology which is available inside UCLEAR’s products will do away with boom microphones and analog communication, but rather, include digital technology which enables one to make phone calls, listen to and control music, as well as intercom others over Bluetooth for crystal clear communication.

The UCLEAR HBC200 Force, the industry‚Äôs 1st boomless Bluetooth helmet communication system for powersports, allows you to make phone calls, listen to & control music and intercom with other riders over a Bluetooth connection, while there is also extreme noise cancellation that will help isolate the user’s voice and eliminates wind and environmental noise. Sporting a ruggedized weather resistant design, its firmware can also be upgraded. The asking price for the UCLEAR HBC200 Force retails for $249.99, or if you want a dual pack, it can be yours for $449.99. Would you pick this up if you happen to be involved in some of the more rugged sports that were listed, or do you prefer something else?

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