Most of us would think of robots to be unthinking individuals that run on logical programming (which is input by a human, of course), and artificial intelligence alone can only go so far. In fact, I don’t think that the day will come when an artificial intelligence system becomes self-aware and sentient, and even if that happens, will it actually claim that humanity is a threat unto itself, and it would want to “correct” the situation and enslave all of us humans, just like how the movies have always depicted? The e-David robot as well as RoboThespian have been seen to be a patron of the arts somewhat in the past, and this time around, we have the Vertwalker, autonomous wall-crawling robot which also doubles up as an artist.

It has been shaped in the form of the Roomba somewhat, although the main purpose of its existence is not to clean up after your mess, but rather, to create “artwork” (now, art is a very subjective topic, don’t you think so?). Make sure that the Vertwalker’s arm is equipped with the right kind of artistic tool, and it is good to go. This is the third-generation prototype, and we await with bated breath for the first robotic art superstar still.

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