vine-android-updateWhen Vine was released, it made quite a splash among users of new media, but somehow or rather, there never really was quite the momentum to make it the hottest thing in the Silicon Valley. Still, we have word that Vine has already achieved an interesting milestone of 40 million registered users, but then again it really depends on how you look at a particular statistic before arriving at a conclusion. As Vine has proven its theory that it can do a whole lot with just half a dozen seconds of video, the latest Vine for Android update (which requires your device to run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher) will enable you to do a whole lot more.

In fact, Vine for Android version 1.3.4 will deliver two usability fixes which will allow the world to check out your amateurish attempts of introducing short-form comedy, where it will include @ mentions in posts, apart from comments and autocompletion for hashtags. There will also be the customary list of bug fixes and improvements, and does this mean that Vine for Android version 1.3.4 is on par with the iOS version? How often do you use Vine for Android throughout the day, anyways? [Vine for Android App]

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