A new Silicon Valley startup known as WittyWorX has come up with an interesting new robot – not one for the military, and neither is it meant for some sort of heavy duty task, but rather, the IXI-Play is a green robot owl that was specially developed in order to interact with your little ones. In fact, it has been described to feature a “rich set of sensors and expression capabilities to support the playful interaction” with your kids. Sporting lifelike body movement and posture, animated eyes and sounds, the IXI-Play happens to be a decent performer when it comes to expressing its “emotions” during game play, assuming that robots are capable of “emotions” through its various algorithms in the first place. Kids have been touted to recognize and enjoy such interaction, which makes the IXI-Play feel as though it is a real life buddy that offers playful interaction. An early introduction to Furby, perhaps?

What are some of the little toy robots that you think your kids would love you for it should you have gotten it for them in the days (or months) ahead? Will a Furby be able to make the cut this year, or are they already targeting the possibility of dad or mom bringing home a PS4 or Xbox One?

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