Quite a lot of people wondered who Yahoo would function under its new CEO, the former Google executive Marissa Mayer. Since she took over, Yahoo has released a number of beautifully designed apps, shut down a number of its services and has made a few acquisitions as well. The biggest acquisition was Tumblr, which Yahoo acquired for $1.1 billion. Yahoo definitely seems to be focused on the future but today it brought back something from the past. The company has announced an update for its browser toolbar today, which lets users quickly access some of Yahoo’s most used services.

Much has changed from the early days when people had a lot of toolbars installed in Internet Explorer to enhance their browsing experience. Now other browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox have jumped far ahead and most people don’t really use toolbars anymore. Nevertheless, its certainly a useful add-on for those people who heavily rely on Yahoo services. The toolbar offers quick access to search, email, local and international weather as well as financial news. It also lets you check in on social networks like Facebook and Tumblr. The toolbar has a new look and Yahoo says that they’ve made it to be quite fast. The toolbar is available for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer from here.

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