If you’re reading this right now, then we think it’s safe to say that you’re currently using the Internet, that is, unless you insist your Internet-using neighbors to print out our stories for you on a daily basis. Those of you who would rather not deal with the Internet aren’t alone as Pew Research is reporting a total of 15% of Americans don’t have the Internet, with a total of five percent of all Americans believing it’s “irrelevant.”

The 15% of Americans that don’t go online claim to not use it for a variety of reasons, with the most popular reason to be that the Internet itself is a “waste of time.” Other Americans claim they don’t have the Internet due to it being too expensive, is too complicated to figure out or just isn’t accessible in their neck of the woods.

It’s certainly interesting to hear there’s still a large group of Americans who don’t use the Internet for various reasons, especially considering just how much use we get out of it on a daily basis. I mean, some people completely rely on the Internet in order to pay the bills, such as myself. But, at the same time, I completely understand why the Internet would be considered a complete waste of time. I mean, have you seen your Facebook news feed lately?

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