ipad-5-1It was just recently that we managed to stumble upon a leaked image of what could very well be the upcoming iPad 5, and here we are with a few more shots that might interest you, including the one with the single hand holding the suspected next generation iPad with ease, giving away a clue as to the possible size of the new device (either that or giants live among us!). You can check out a few more photos in a gallery of what we have managed to grab from Sonny Dickson’s site right after the jump, although heading over to his site itself would have garnered you a far more bountiful visual harvest.

To reiterate what has been shared in the past, the alleged new iPad’s chassis does seem to have shed a little bit more weight compared to its predecessor, while the thickness of its bezels have been reduced as screen size is preserved. This has led to the device being a wee bit more narrow compared to the previous generation iPad. Overall, the design does seem to have “shrunk” down the normal iPad somewhat. I guess patience is required here until Apple finds it fit to deliver morei

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