apple-id-genius-barMaking appointments and purchases online is no longer a novelty, but rather, it has proven to be the norm for many of us. The same applies too to those who want to schedule Genius Bar appointments using Apple’s online support webpage, but a tiny change in the policy has required users to now sign in using their valid Apple ID before they are able to go ahead and schedule a Genius Bar appointment.

What you see above is pretty much the same screen that will greet your eyes whenever you intend to schedule a Genius Bar appointment using Apple’s online reservations system. The “Open Sesame!” procedure here would require you to key in your valid Apple ID before any progress is made. While this new rule was reported by TechCrunch yesterday, it remains to be seen just when this particular policy change first occurred. Apple apparently changed the appointment policy so that they are able to gain higher levels of control over support appointments, payments included. Not only that, with customer information being connected to an Apple ID, various relevant information such as outstanding support tickets can be accessed by the Genius Bar staff before a customer arrives, helping streamline the process for everyone.

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