13.09.26-Autograph-1With the creation of eBooks and its readers and apps, the need to go out to a bookstore and purchase a physical copy of a book is no longer necessary. Personally I prefer holding a physical book over a tablet any day, but that’s just personal preference. However authors are still doing book signing tours and we suppose getting a book signed is less expensive than having your tablet signed, right? Well it seems that Apple might have thought about that and a patent discovered by Apple Insider has revealed that the Cupertino company might have thought up a solution to that.

The patent describes a method in which an author of a book, or an artist of an music album, or even a movie star, can autograph a digital copy of their works for a fan. One of the examples of the patent suggests that future eBooks come with an autograph page, or a specific location within the eBook that the author can sign. The author must then have a device on them that authorizes them to sign the user’s copy of the eBook and this can be done through either Bluetooth or WiFi, and requires the author be close-by, i.e. book signing tours. The patent also talks about remote signings where the autograph is then encrypted and then sent to a specific device.

It’s an interesting idea, albeit a bit novel, but what do you guys think? Could this be the way book signing tours are conducted in the future?

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