Apple Stock Takes A Dive After iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Reveal


In case you did, in fact, crawl out from under a rock overnight, Apple unveiled its latest iPhones yesterday, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Both devices have been met with a wide range of emotions from nearly everyone who is remotely interested in consumer electronics, but if the stock market is any indication, it might seem like both devices might be a flop in the eyes of investors.

At the end of the day on Tuesday, Apple’s stock closed at around 2% down and stuck to $494, which might indicate Apple’s news may have triggered a somewhat negative response from investors. It seems Apple investors are continuing to feel negatively in regards to both products as pre-marketing trading has resulted in a 5% drop to $467.

Now that the market is officially in full swing, Apple’s shares were hovering around the $470 range before they dropped again to the $467 mark. This surely shows just how unsure investors are in regards to Apple’s newly announced products, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Since two new iPhones were introduced, it’s unknown at this time just how both products will perform, especially the iPhone 5C which resembles much of what an iPhone 5 is, although it adds a wide range of colors.

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