att-glxy-gearSo, we have heard rumors going around that Samsung might very well begin work on a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch, but don’t you think that this would be a little bit premature? After all, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch has not been released worldwide just yet, and we have just gotten word that AT&T will allow you to place a pre-order for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch at 12:01AM ET tomorrow, which would happen to be September 17th.

The folks over at AT&T have not yet revealed any kind of pricing details as well as a release date for the smartwatch, but if one were to take a look at what Samsung did suggest in the past, the Galaxy Gear should arrive Stateside sometime in October with a recommended retail price of $299 a pop. Considering the pre-order timing, it would not be surprising to find out that the Galaxy Gear would arrive right after the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hits store shelves. Would you want to pony up three Benjamins just to pick up a smartwatch that functions as some kind of minor extension to your smartphone? I think it really depends on the individual, but I guess you can say that this is more of a luxury than necessity at this point in time.

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