You might not be a fan of Instagram, but this does not mean that you do not hate cake, either. After all, there is just something about a slice of delicious cake after dinner to go with a cup of your favorite coffee brew to wash down that fabulous dinner, right? Let’s just say that you are involved in a theoretical situation where you are going to have geeks as guests at your home, and they want you to showcase your famed baking skills. Why not kill two birds with one stone by baking an Instagram cake?

Check out how you are able to whip up this delicious looking Instagram cake in a 9-minute plus video as shown above from the folks over at How to Cook That. Ann Riordan happens to be the blogger behind How to Cook That, and she has demonstrated how a normal chocolate mousse cake will be transformed to resemble that of Instagram’s logo. Even for someone who has not baked a single item in his life, the step-by-step process was explained in an extremely clear manner. Do you have any other examples of baking and tech go hand in hand? Angry Birds cupcakes do not count!

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