Infinity-Blade-3When Apple unveiled their new iPhones, they also had some developers take the stage to show off some new apps that would take advantage of the phones’ new hardware, and unsurprisingly Chair Entertainment made an appearance again, this time with their new Infinity Blade 3 title that is expected to debut on the 18th of September alongside iOS 7. So far from what we’ve heard during Apple’s presentation and based on some initial tests, Apple’s iPhone 5S is no slouch and is actually turning out to be quite a big upgrade over the iPhone 5, at least in terms of processing and graphics power.

To that extent Chair Entertainment’s Donald Mustard revealed his amazement at the power behind the iPhone 5S. Speaking to the folks at Polygon, Mustard was quoted as saying, “I’m not going to mince words here. It was very shocking to me […] I really do think this is a sea change. It’s a sea change from how much of a supercomputer this thing is that we’re holding in our pockets.” The visuals on Infinity Blade 3 have definitely been upgraded and it will be interesting to see how the iPhone 5S handles it, and more importantly how older iPhones, like the iPhone 5, will be able to cope with the newer graphics as well.

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