cloudonMost bosses, if not all, would want to see that the workforce which they have assembled will be able to work as a united unit in the most productive and efficient manner possible. Well, productivity is always a benchmark that corporations and even individuals use on others, or on themselves. If you think that you need the tools to up your creativity so that you will be able to outshine the rest of your colleagues, then you might want to check out CloudOn with its latest browser version and file sharing capabilities so that the end user is able to work smarter.

This new CloudOn browser version was developed to complement its popular iOS and Android mobile apps, where it will go about turning from a mobile app to a ubiquitous cloud-based service. This would mean that CloudOn has opened up the doors wider for a more mobile and dispersed workforce to be productive. Milind Gadekar, CEO and founder of CloudOn, said, “Productivity needs to be redefined to address the requirements for a social and mobile workforce. By offering CloudOn in the browser and on mobile devices, with an easier way to share content, our users can work more effectively with their co-workers across all their devices.”

Some of the key features of the CloudOn platform comprise of ubiquitous access, cross-storage file sharing, contextual FileSpace, and open integration.

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