reaper-of-soulsThe first expansion (we are not quite sure whether there will be any other expansions after that or not though) for Diablo 3 will be known as Reaper of Souls, and with its test client having been datamined, it has revealed information such as an Adventure Mode, Clan/Ladder System and over a hundred more new quests to keep jaded gamers occupied. Ah, there is nothing quite like injecting fresh blood and a renewed sense of achievement into the gamer’s psyche, no?


It has also been revealed that there will be the inclusion of a ladder and guild system, an adventure mode with bounties, ‘Devil’s Hand’ and ‘Loot Runs’. Not only that, do expect to enjoy a trial mode in addition to the aforementioned 100 plus new quests that will span across the new Act 5 as well as current acts. Apart from that, do expect another Diablo fan favorite character, Gheed, to make a return in the form of an item which enables you to ensure that Treasure Goblins’ portals remain open so that you are able to easily travel through them.

So far, it seems as though Adventure Mode would be the same game albeit with the story or main quest content disabled, hence you need not hear Deckard Cain ramble away. Several videos of the new Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls expansion have also leaked, where some of them include several of the Crusader’s new spell animations and even the possibility of an ending cutscene.

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