marked-fingerprint-patent-130908According to the rumors, it is widely believed that the iPhone 5S could debut a new hardware feature in the form of a fingerprint scanner that would be embedded in the home button of the phone. This rumor has been corroborated by leaked packaging photos and leaked components that suggests that Apple could be doing something different with the iPhone 5S’ home button compared to previous generations. Thanks to an European Apple patent, an embedded fingerprint scanner seems to be more or less a sure thing.

The patent even depicts a metal ring around the home button, which seems to be in line with leaked photos, with the sensor embedded in the home button itself.  Interestingly enough the patent also describes how NFC could be used together with the fingerprint scanner to add an additional layer of security, especially for wireless patents. This is interesting because while Android manufacturers have long been introducing NFC connectivity in their devices, Apple has been rather quiet on that front.

Some of the reasons why NFC mobile payments have not really taken off is due to security reasons, although coupled with the fingerprint scanner should make it a more attractive system, which might be why Apple has only decided to introduce the technology to their iPhones now. In any case we expect to get more details about the upcoming iPhone 5S on the 10th of September, so check back with us then for the details.

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