nexus5-tweetIt was just a couple of days ago when serial leaksters @evleaks did mention that the LG D820 as well as the LG D821 is not the future generation Nexus 5 smartphone from LG, after much initial speculation that it was going to be otherwise. Well, here we are with word from the folks over at @evleaks themselves that they could have been wrong. In fact, in their tweet, they mentioned, “Happy to say it looks like I was wrong about the LG D820/D821…”.

Other than that rather open ended statement that does not leave any room at all to arrive at a foregone conclusion, we are left to make intelligent guesses. As to whether the LG D820 is going to be the upcoming Nexus 5 or not remains to be seen, but only time will be able to reveal all as with any other juicy rumors out there which are difficult to substantiate. If it were up to you, do you think that the LG D820 and LG D821 have more than meets the eye, and are @evleaks wrong to backtrack on their previous statement? I myself am in two minds about it, and I sure as heck would not be bothered too much about the eventual outcome as it is more or less certain that eventually, the Nexus 5 from LG will be revealed.

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Key SpecsGoogle Nexus 5
Display Diagonal4.95" (12.57 cm)
Processor/Soc NameSnapdragon 800
Street Price (Approx)~ $215
Search low Google Nexus 5 price (Amazon)
Max. Total Storage Capacity32 GB
Megapixels8 Megapixel
Battery Capacity (mAh)2300 mAh
Complete product dataGoogle Nexus 5 Full specs and details
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