class-zero.0_cinema_720.0When it comes to games on our mobile devices, Square Enix has released Final Fantasy titles which is a treat for Final Fantasy fans looking to take their gaming on the go. However the prices of their games have always been significantly higher compared to other developers, a stance which the company has defended claiming that due to its quality and gameplay, is worth the money, but if you’re still unwilling to fork out the cash but want some Square Enix-quality games on your phone, the company has recently announced an upcoming free-to-play RPG called Final Fantasy Agito.

The game will be based on the Final Fantasy Type-0 world and some of its gameplay features includes the ability for the game to proceed based entirely on the player’s actions. What this means is that a decision you make now, will affect the next “cycle”, which is essentially the start and end of a chapter in a story. The full details about the game have yet to be revealed, but the good news is that more information will be revealed next week during the Tokyo Game Show, with the game pegged for a release later this winter.

To assuage the fears of gamers who are worried that they might have to spend oodles of dollars on in-game purchases due to its being an F2P game, its producer, Hajime Tabata, stated that gamers will be able to enjoy the game fully without having to spend any money, although things would speed up a little if items were used.

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