Funny Or Die Imagines What A Really Cheap iPhone Would Look Like

Prior to the release of the iPhone 5C, the majority of the tech community assumed the “C” stood for “cheap,” meaning the device would be introduced as a cheaper iPhone that could be purchased for much less than the latest and greatest iPhone. It turns out we were wrong as Apple introduced an iPhone 5C that doesn’t cost that much less than the iPhone 5S, although it left many people thinking what a cheap iPhone would look like. Funny or Die let their imagination loose as they created a video that takes a look at what a cheap iPhone would look like.

The product Funny or Die came up with is the iPhone 5F, which costs a total of $24.99 off-contract as it features boxy design, an extremely small black and white display, a huge antenna hanging out of its top and what looks like old remote control clickers sticking out of its front. For your $25 bucks, you shouldn’t expect the iPhone 5F to do much as you can play snake and possibly make a phone call somehow. The phone has a Siri-like assistant named Chris who when you ask him a question, he responds with “No Idea.”

Man, this is a pretty cheap iPhone.

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