att-lte-gmJust what do you think is the future of the automobile? We might not be able to see through a vision of cars that fly, just like how it is depicted in the Jetsons or other science fiction series or movies, but one thing’s for sure – the world needs to wean itself off the addiction that is fossil fuel, and start to seriously explore the possibility of turning all cars into hybrids, or in a more pure format, being electric powered. It has been said that the folks over at General Motors have this particular vision of developing an electric car that sports a 200-mile battery range, and all of that without having to break the bank with an estimated price point of just $30,000.

According to General Motors’ Vice President of Global Product Development, Doug Parks, he preferred to remain mum a to when this particular ride, if ever, would enter production. So far, we do know that other automakers have begun to sell electric cars for $35,000 tops, and these are able to last up to 100 miles on a single charge. Hopefully cheaper batteries that last longer will be the key in such a race to unlock a truly green future.

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