Gold iPhone 5S Online Order Shipments Pushed Back To October


Both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were officially launched today, which resulted in pretty much every iPhone owner you know calling out “sick” so they can either wait for their delivery to come in or stand in line to purchase their new iPhone. If you have been sitting on the fence as to whether or not you want to pick up a gold iPhone 5S, you’re going to be perched there for quite some time as Apple has updated shipment times for online purchases. As you could have guessed, the wait is going to be rather long.

The gold iPhone 5S won’t be ready to ship until October, while silver and space gray models won’t be shipped out between seven to ten days from when the order was placed. Fortunately, Apple is aware there is a huge demand for the gold iPhone 5S and short supply, which is why they started to ramp up production of that variant, especially after carriers and retailers have said they barely have any gold or silver iPhone 5S in their inventory.

We’re sure you can wait a couple of weeks to get your hands on a gold iPhone 5S, so if you really want one, just be patient for the time being as we’re sure things will get better in the coming weeks.

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