google-adidAll good things must come to an end, and so too, does Google think that cookies might not be relevant any more in the future. Google’s latest attempt and making cookies redundant happens to come in the form of AdID, which is an anonymous identifier that could be used for advertising purposes. Cookies in the past (and present) pretty much worked along this manner – one accepts the cookie, delete the cookie, empty the cookie bin, and the process repeats itself.

USA Today has reported that Google intends to work on an “anonymous identifier for advertising”, or AdID for short, which might spell the end of third-party cookies as the method of choice for advertisers to keep track of people’s Internet browsing activity when it comes to marketing and such. It is then rather heartening to hear that this particular project could eventually benefit not only the advertisers, but consumers as well. How does that work for the latter? Well, it gets the job done by shielding true identities. Do you think that the top dog in online advertising having control over technology which can track one’s movements on the web to be too close for comfort? Only time will be able to tell.

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