Google published an application for its Google Glass called MyGlass late last week that would allow Android users to be able to control their wearable device. Today, Google is rolling out a new update to Google Glass itself that will add a total of four new features to the wearable device.

Today’s update to Google Glass will add sound search, photo vignettes and integration with both YouTube and Google Apps. The first feature, sound search, brings the song-identifying Google Play widget to Google Glass as you’ll be able to instruct your device to listen to a song that’s currently playing in order to identify it.

Photo vignettes gives Google Glass wearers the ability to superimpose a small image of the app you’re currently using onto the photo you’re taking. We could see this become popular with you meme folk who want to inject a meme image into a photo you’re currently taking.

The last two updates brings better integration with YouTube and Google Apps accounts. For YouTube, Google Glass users will be able to bring up YouTube videos when you’re presented with search results. You’ll also be able to play YouTube clips on Google Glass’ screen, that is, if that’s how you prefer to enjoy your YouTube videos. As for Google Apps, today’s update makes it possible for Google Glass users to connect their device with their Google Apps accounts, although this feature is said to still be in the early stages of development.

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