The folks over at Google do come up with some pretty interesting projects from time to time, and this time around, it would be the Open Project that has caught our attention. The Open Project will be one that transfers mobile content to a remote display, using the camera on a smartphone, of course. While the kind of computing power that is found on today’s mobile devices continues to grow at an accelerated rate, the form factor of these devices will still remain small, which will further constrain both the input and output bandwidth for mobile interaction. In order to tackle this issue, Google’s Open Project, being an end-to-end framework which will enable a user to “project” a native mobile application onto an arbitrary display using a smartphone camera, will then leverage interaction spaces and input modality of the display.

This means the display is able to range from a PC or laptop monitor, all the way to a home Internet TV and to a public wall-sized display. Using an intuitive, projection-based metaphor, a user is able to share a mobile application in a jiffy through projecting it onto a target display. Since this is from Google, you can expect Open Project to be an open, scalable, web-based framework that paves the way for mobile sharing and collaboration. Watch the video above and you will be able to get a better grasp of things. [Press Release]

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