Rockstar Games could not have asked for a better opening day sales for GTA 5, where the title already raked in a whopping $800 million in sales, which is a whole lot more than you could actually amass in the game itself. Heck, it has also made back far more money on the first day compared to a movie, and I am quite sure that blockbusters on the silver screen as well as in the world of video games are starting to be on par with one another when it comes to earning power, with fans on each side of the divide having their own argument as to which is better. Never mind that, here we are with a video of GTA 5 cheats in action which will allow you to create complete vehicle carnage. Be warned, the video itself is rather lengthy, so you might want to make a cup of hot chocolate before you sit down and watch it.

The reviewers in the video took half an hour to spawn as many vehicles as they could, before they set them alight and caused quite a carnage which no traffic officer would want to handle, even on his or her best day at work. Just for those who have recently climbed out from their shell, GTA 5 is available for both Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles at the moment, while GTA Online will launch this coming October 1st.

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