gta-5-gameplay-trailerOver the past couple of days we have heard how Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 has had its map leaked, giving gamers an idea of how massive the area of Los Santos truly is, and apparently the game’s street date has also been broken over in the Middle East where the breaking of street dates is apparently a common occurrence. In any case thanks to a series of Vine videos uploaded by Jsticks11, the gameplay footage of GTA 5 has made its way online, giving gamers a glimpse the game ahead of its 17th of September release.

In one of the videos it shows that Jsticks11 has been banned from Xbox Live, presumably because he acquired the game illegally, but we guess it did not slow him down as his Vine account is chock full of GTA 5 gameplay videos. We’re also guessing that his choice to upload to Vine is because YouTube is generally pretty fast at removing copyrighted material, and we assume Vine will get on his case pretty soon so if you want to check it out, you best move quick! For those who want to avoid any spoilers of any kind, you might want to pass on the videos, but for those who aren’t too fussed, head on over to Jsticks11’s Vine page and check them out!

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