Hackers Want To Hack iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner We do know that Apple will not be making available the fingerprint sensor to developers, and that could have a role to play in a bunch of hackers pooling their resources together to launch istouchidhackedyet.com. Basically, all the incentives are listed there if you think that you have what it takes to hack into the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint scanner. The list remains open to anyone with the technical capability as well as cojones, and the total booty will obviously grow with time as more and more people pledge some money.

Right now, we have heard whispers on the ground that the iPhone 5S is in “short supply” for Friday’s upcoming launch, and you can bet your bottom dollar that hackers will be part of those who are eager to wrap their hands on the latest flagship from Apple. Right now, the total booty has already passed the $2,000 mark, with other items thrown into the mix including a copious amount of alcohol and a “dirty sex book” for good measure. Well worth your time and effort to give it a go? All in all, the fame that will follow upon hacking the fingerprint scanner would far outweigh whatever prize you end up with.

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