Google Hangouts on Air is a service that can be used to broadcast a Hangouts group video call to as many people around the world as you want. The service has been used to broadcast online classes, concerts and even political debates. One feature has always been lacking though, there’s no way to interact with the people who’re tuning in to the broadcast. Users can interact quite easily with the people in the group call, but outside viewers haven’t had an option until now. Google today introduced a Q&A feature for Hangouts on Air which lets broadcasts solicit questions from up to a million concurrent viewers.

Broadcasters will also be able to answer those questions live, they can timestamp the YouTube recording by marking questions as they answer them as well. Viewers are now able to ask and vote on question live, they can even replay the Q&A after the broadcast is finished. The feature is currently being rolled out, it might take a couple of days for it to be available to everyone. At this point in time, only desktop users will get the full experience, Android users are limited to view only. Google says that this is the first of many features that will help broadcasters interact with their viewers.

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