diy-hermit-houseDutch duo Daniel Venneman and Mark van der Net have managed to cobble together what can be described as an open source home kit which would definitely appeal to DIY enthusiasts. Basically, if you are pretty good with your hands and some tools, you are able to construct as well as customize your very own micro house. The Hermit House is said to come with a special zigzag floor plan that has the intention of creating a multi-purpose interior complete with a spacious feel, never mind the extremely cramped 14 square meter (150 sq. ft.) footprint.

The Hermit House has many practical applications, where you can choose to use it as a studio or a guesthouse. Lighting should not be an issue, as the Hermit House would come with large floor-to-ceiling glass windows that will open out onto an outdoor deck. Not only that, the Hermit House will also boast of a single open interior space that can be personally customized according to your whim and fancy.

Designers Daniel Venneman and Mark van der Net shared, “The Hermit House was developed as a university project and was the first house we realized. We came to the folded shape in our search for an easy and cheap way to construct DIY using standard sized plywood.”

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