Apple announced iOS 7 will be released just one week from today on September 18, although we know how hard it is to wait for something that’s so close to release. You could wait like a good iOS owner for Apple to pull the switch so you can finally experience iOS 7 for yourself, or you could throw caution into the wind and get yourself upgraded right this very minute. We’re sure this will be a very easy decision for you, so hit the jump to find out how to get iOS 7 right this second.

OK – it won’t take exactly a second for you to get iOS 7 on your device. Instead, it’ll probably take an hour or two for you to get everything squared away, so keep that in mind in case you have something important to do in the next hour or so. One of the first things you’ll want to do is backup your iOS device before you attempt to upgrade it to iOS 7. We’ll be here while you go get yourself backed up.

Now that you’re all backed up, you’ll need to begin downloading iOS 7, which has been uploaded onto Mega. Here are the links to the files as well as the models for their corresponding iOS device:

Once you complete your download of iOS 7, you’ll need to get it installed. The process isn’t as difficult as you think as all you’ll need to do is open the disk image > find the iPhone Software Update file (.ipsw). Once you locate it, save it to your desktop or whatever folder you like on your hard drive. You’ll then need to open iTunes and connect your iOS device to your computer, then go to the device’s “Summary” tab.

Once you reach this step, hold down the option key (OSX) or shift key (Windows) and click the Restore button. Find the .ipsw file you downloaded earlier and update your iOS device with the file. Once the update is complete, you’ll now be a proud owner of an iOS device running on iOS 7. Congratulations!

It should be noted that by clicking Restore, you’re effectively wiping your phone and because you cannot sync it with iTunes, as iOS 7 requires iTunes 11.1 which has not been released, you’ll either have to restore your phone via iCloud or use it as a brand new device. If you don’t have iCloud but you want to retain your phone’s settings and data, hold the option key (OS X) or shift key (Windows), click Check For Updates, select the .ipsw file, and update your phone with it. This way your phone’s data (contacts, emails, calendars, photos, and etc.) will be intact and you will have iOS 7 running at the same time.

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