htc-one-tabletIt was just yesterday when we brought you an image of what could possibly have been the HTC One tablet, but in its raw form. Well, apparently that is not the case as there is a very high chance that this could be the Ramos K1 tablet instead. Of course, it makes perfect sense for many to think that what we see above is the purported HTC One tablet that is set to be unveiled in the future by HTC, although there is no ruling out the possibility of the above, too, being a decent Photoshop job.

Some have said that it is the Ramos K1 tablet, and considering how Ramos happens to be a manufacturer from China, we are not surprised by this about turn in the photo’s status above. After all, most of the clones that we have seen in the market tend to hail from China, not to be discriminatory or anything, but a fact’s a fact. Then again, it is also pretty rare to have a clone of a device that has not yet hit the market officially appear. Who can really tell, actually, other than the original image’s poster coming out to tell it as it is.

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