Hugo Barra Has Plans To Develop Xiaomi Into The Next Google Or Amazon

xiaomi-logoIt takes a man of skill and vision to get something done, and ex-Googler Hugo Barra intends to be such a man after leaving the Palo Alto corporate behemoth to end up as the vice president of Xiaomi Global. Barra has revealed in an interview with AllThingsD on what has led him to a different continent, and he mentioned that he always had a close relationship with Xiaomi for a number of years simply because the company itself was kicked off by a bunch of ex-Googlers, Bin Lin included. Barra and the Google team had been impressed with what Xiaomi did, and hence, he saw this move as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that should not be passed up.

Barra has the faith that Xiaomi could eventually grow to a size that has the clamor and weight in the industry just like Google and Amazon, with solid and high quality hardware being one of the foundations that Xiaomi has laid for the long haul. Not only that, Xiaomi has plans to sell such hardware at cost, raking in the profits via software services instead. Do you think that Hugo Barra will be able to make things happen for Xiaomi in the years to come?

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