instagram-blackberry-101It has been stated many times in the past that Instagram would not be arriving on BlackBerry anytime soon, but for whatever reason we guess there are BlackBerry users out there who are hoping that this would change in the future, but unfortunately this does not look to be the case as BlackBerry’s VP of developer relations, Alec Saunders, has quashed all hope during a Q&A session during BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013. Speaking to the folks at Lifehacker, Saunders stated that the company hah engaged in talks with the folks at Instagram in the past and was quoted as saying, “We have had so many conversations with Instagram and made many different offers of ways to somehow work with it.”

Saunders went on to state that if Instagram is what you really want, you will have to look for an alternative, i.e. third-party software, or sideload the Android version of the app onto your BlackBerry device. “I would encourage people who own a BlackBerry and want to share photos to find an alternative.” So there you have it, if anything this actually sounds pretty definitive so you should probably not hold your breath. Now that it has been reaffirmed for the nth time, are BlackBerry users still disappointed by the lack of Instagram on their phones?

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