IntelLogo1 When it comes to the mobile arms race, it does seem as though ARM is the alpha male here, but this does not mean that Intel themselves are just leaning back and not doing anything. In fact, Intel has been slowly trying to make inroads into the mobile device market, and they do not seem interested to just sit idly and let the whole world pass them by with what seems to be a surge of wearable technology headed our way. Having said that, Intel has just unveiled their latest range of Quark processors that will most probably see action in future smartwatches and other kinds of wearable technology.

Needless to say, the Quark processors certainly live up to their name, being really tiny in stature and of course, power efficient. Intel claims that the Quark processor will be 20% the size of the smallest Atom processor, where it will be able to function on just 10% of the equivalent power, now how about that? There will be samples of the new Quark processor design that will be ready sometime in Q4 later this year, but it should not be in wide use until next year, so keep your fingers crossed. [WSJ (subscription required)]

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