cat-video-festivalWhat is it with the Internet and cat videos or animated GIFs? It does seem as though the phenomenon of Internet cat videos has achieved new heights, with a festival of its own being held in the UK City of Culture. It will be a celebration of felines being cute, clumsy, or absolutely hilarious, and will also happen to be part of CultureTECH, which is actually week-long celebration that highlights the wonders of digital technology, media and music. In the Internet Cat Video Festival, revelers will be able to enjoy a programme of Internet clips that were submitted by fans prior. According to event organizer Scott Stulen, he said that “It’s about embracing the phenomenon.” while adding that Internet cat videos happen to be playing the role of “all of the things compelling art should. They raise questions, challenge assumptions, anger people and create emotional connections.”

It could very well also be a social experiment as what used to be a solitary online viewing experience has been transformed into a real world social event. Among the videos that will be shown include Maru the cat who jumps in and out of boxes, while Fatso the cat plays the keyboard, and of course, the infamous Nyan cat singing with a trail of rainbow right behind. Are you one of those who absolutely love all cat videos?

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