A couple of days ago Apple finally released iOS 7 to the public. Its latest and greatest firmware update brings over 200 new features and an entirely new user interface. Despite the fact that iOS 7 spent nearly three months in beta stage, during which developers searched for and reported any bugs they could find, two major security vulnerabilities have already been found in the latest iOS update. We reported one the first one yesterday, the bug lets anyone access Mail, Twitter, Photos and more on an iPhone locked with a passcode. This particular one lets calls go through without requiring a passcode.

The bug is present in the emergency call feature. Anyone willing to make a call through a passcode locked iPhone running iOS 7 simply needs to tap on “Emergency.” This will bring up the emergency call screen. The required number can be entered, it may even be an international or premium number, and then the call button is repeatedly pressed until a black screen with the Apple logo shows up, the call is then put through. Apple has already been made aware of this bug, which is said to iPhone 5 and all older iPhones compatible with iOS 7. The company will release an incremental firmware update to take care of both of these bugs, though its not known when such an update will be released.

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