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iPhone 5s Causes Japanese Carriers To Have A Price War Amongst Themselves

13.09.14 iPhone 5s JapanThe other day we reported that two of the largest carriers in the world, NTT DOCOMO and China Mobile, were expected to offer up Apple’s iPhone devices on an official basis and now it seems that at least over in Japan, some of NTT DOCOMO’s rivals are starting to get nervous and have begun a war on pricing. In fact at least one carrier, KDDI, has actually put up the iPhone 5s for sale with no upfront fee, assuming of course that the customer signs a contract with them.

Other carriers have offered much lower prices as well, at least compared to what carriers in the US are offering. However it seems that this price war will only be applicable to customers going after the 16GB iPhone 5s, instead of the larger and more pricier version. NTT DOCOMO has taken things one step further and to encourage customers to make the switch, KDDI and Softbank customers who bring in an iPhone device from a rival network will be given special points that can be used towards DOCOMO’s other products or even repair services. If only such price wars are applied to carriers around the world as well, not just Japan!

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