Japanese Artists Come Up With Different Looks For Apple’s Siri


Apple released Siri back in October 2011, allowing those with supported iOS devices to have a number of discussions with the digital assistant to help in a number of ways that includes sending a text, playing a song and changing your schedule around. For nearly two years, Siri has been a completely faceless entity, but a group of Japanese artist have attempted to put a face with the voice as they’ve drawn anime-inspired versions of Siri.

The drawings some Japanese artists have come up with show what both a male and female version of Siri would look like. Some of the artists also take into consideration how Siri sounds in Japanese, which turns into “Shiri,” and is just one letter away from “Oshiri,” which means “butt” in Japanese. As a result, some of the images of “Shiri” focus on the backside of the digital assistant, although it isn’t anything too graphic.

A good number of the drawings seem to offer a a pretty good representation of what the male and female voices of Siri would look like drawn as an anime, while some of them may seem a bit too cute to be considered serious.

Which of the included drawings is your favorite representation of what Siri should look like?

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