If you are still rocking out to your old faithful, the Sony PS3 after all these years, and have no intention of giving up on it anytime soon, then you would be pleased to hear that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix has now arrived on the PS3. In order to “celebrate” the launch of the latest Kingdom Hearts game, there is a new launch trailer to accompany this “event” as you can see above.

What makes Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix so special? Well, this is the first time there is a Kingdom Hearts game that has arrived on the PS3 platform, and even better yet, this is a PS3 exclusive, which means you will not be able to find it anywhere else. Apart from that, another milestone that has been marked is the fact that a Kingdom Hearts PS3 dynamic theme has been created, and for those of you out there who have had the foresight to place a pre-order of the game would have been more than happy to be on the receiving end of this exclusive incentive.

Other than that, there are also a couple of two layered pre-order items, and they are the art book as well as the aforementioned PS3 dynamic theme! [Press Release]

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