halo-4-champions-bundleThe high end smartphones of today do come with some really beefy hardware specifications, that is for sure. They are able to handle mobile games with a high level of graphical quality which would not have been thought of as possible many years ago, or at least were dreamed of back then. Microsoft might want to bring higher quality console gaming to your smartphone through a demonstration of several upcoming projects in a company wide meeting that was held this week.

It seems that cloud gaming on your smartphone could be a future plan from Microsoft, as in one particular demo, they had Halo 4 running across multiple devices such as a Windows Phone device and of course, a low-end PC. Right now, this remains a concept, but it seemed to work pretty well in the demo with a latency that remains within the 45ms range. In the same demo, too, there was an Xbox controller attached to the Windows Phone via an accessory. In a nutshell, does this mean the service would eventually stream games to any Windows or Windows Phone-powered device? That is certainly a possibility worth exploring, don’t you think so? If such a possibility were to arrive, would it make you switch over to the Windows Phone platform?

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