megaman-no9Now here is an example of a successful Kickstarter project – we brought you word of Mighty No. 9 yesterday, a new and upcoming game from Keiji Inafune, where many have called Mighty No. 9 as the ‘spiritual successor’ to Mega Man. In fact, the Kickstarter goal for Mighty No. 9 looked to be a rather challenging prospect to the tune of $900,000, but fret not as the power of fanboys have come to the fore and saved the day yet again, as the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter project has already surpassed the initial $900,000 funding goal with another 29 more days to spare.

Hopefully, there will be other stretch goals to meet down the road that will see Mighty No. 9 evolve into an even more in-depth gaming title. We cannot wait to see how Mighty No. 9 will play out eventually, can you? In the mean time, you can always go through your back catalogue of Mega Man games on an emulator or one of those classic game compilations. Do you think that it is good to revisit the scene of your previous success, or should one always strive for something that is totally new? I guess there is always a time and a place for either, and Mighty No. 9, it might be a nice walk down memory lane in a more modern setting.

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