Its not like games haven’t been blamed in the past for inciting violence, but one probably wouldn’t put indie hit Minecraft along with games that are often blamed. However, the father of a nine year old school boy in Florida believes that Minecraft incited his son to act out in a negative way. The boy reportedly told his friends that he had weapons in his backpack, the friends told on him which lead to school officials searching the boy’s backpack. They found an unloaded gun and a magazine with six bullets, a steak knife and a small sledgehammer.

Fortunately, no one was injured and the police confiscated all of the weapons. The gun belonged to the boy’s father, who claimed that while it was stored in a drawer, it couldn’t be fired as the firing pin had been removed. Speaking to WFTV news, he said that his son was “playing a character he learned from Minecraft,” as “they use hammers to dig and knives and guns to protect themselves from zombies.” The unnamed boy was charged with three counts of possession and he has been sentenced to home confinement by a state judge as a result of his actions, bringing lethal weapons into a school.

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