mLogic Debuts mBack External Hard Drives For iMacs


One of the great things about all-in-one desktop computers, like the iMac for example, would be how little desk space it takes up. However if you were to throw in peripherals such as external hard drives, it could take up more desk space than you’d like, which is why mLogic’s external hard drive solution could be for you especially if you own an iMac or Apple Display. The company has recently debuted a lineup of mBack Zero-Footprint external hard drives that have been designed for the iMac and Apple Display in mind.

The hard drives themselves have come in either a white or aluminum finish that should match your iMac or Apple Display, and best of all it will mount on the stand of your display, hiding it from view while not cluttering your desk at all. Given that the USB ports are on the back of the iMac, we reckon it makes a great fit. Available in 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB models, the hard drives will connect via USB 3.0 and is bus-powered. It will come with a built-in cable and is formatted for Mac computers meaning that it is Time Machine ready out of the box. It is priced at $100, $150, and $260 for the 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB models respectively and can be purchased from mLogic’s website.

Read more about iMac. Source: macrumors

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