moto x developer edition official

A few days after it unveiled the Moto X smartphone, Motorola filled us up on the Moto X bootloader status. It revealed the few carriers who were offering variants of the smartphone with unlockable bootloaders. Motorola also said that it will offer two Moto X models “just for developers.” Today the company has finally announced the Moto X Developer Editions. The one for Verizon is available for online purchase today, it costs $649.99.

The Developer Edition units come with 32GB of storage as well as the all important unlockable bootloader. There’s also a special color combination for these units, black up front and woven white on the back. There’s also a “stamp of approval” on the back that touts the user’s developer status. A GSM version of the Moto X Developer Edition, which will work on both AT&T and T-Mobile, is going to be available for online purchase on Friday. Sprint subscribers need not worry, the variant their carrier is selling already comes with an unlockable bootloader.¬†An unlocked bootloader allows developers to tinker around with the device’s advanced settings, and even flash a new kernel. Its important for developers who’re creating custom ROMs. Even if you buy a developer edition unit, do keep in mind that unlocking the bootloader will void the warranty.

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