moto-dvxWe do know that Motorola’s recently launched Moto X smartphone will arrive in two different formats – one with a higher end list of specifications, while the other would be a budget oriented version. Well, earlier today we did bring you images of the more affordable Moto X that arrived at the FCC, and not only that, there is also a possible pricing leak. So, what can we garner from the Motorola DVX so far? It does resemble like the Moto X in some aspects, but there is one way where you can train your eye to tell them apart. Apparently, from what we know so far, the Moto X will feature a speaker grill that is located on the right side of the backplate, while for the Moto DVX, the speaker grill will be located on the left. Some might even swear that the Moto DVX backplate will be a wee bit flatter, but until we actually get the official dimensions listed, it remains hard to tell.

It does seem as though the Moto DVX might retail for a relatively affordable $200 without any contract, and it remains to be seen just what kind of hardware specifications can you find underneath the hood in order for Motorola to sell the Moto DVX at that level. Well, at least there is one backplate of the DVX which has been spotted already, or at least allegedly.

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