nokia-lumia-1520We have heard the rumors that Nokia plans to launch a phablet of their own called the Nokia Lumia 1520 which has also gone by several different code names in the past, such as Bandit and Beastie. While the Lumia 1520 moniker could be the device’s official name, we’re guessing Nokia doesn’t want to be associated with phablets since that usually conjures images of Samsung and their phablets like the Galaxy Note 3, for example. This is purely speculation but at the same time, Nokia has launched a survey in which they are asking in what other ways would people talk about phablets.

Some choices in the survey included “Small tablet”, “Big smartphone”, “Phablet”, along with an option for users to submit names that aren’t otherwise listed. If anything this sounds like it could be used by Nokia as a marketing tool, like “A big smartphone is here”, rather than “Introducing our new phablet…” What do you guys think? Is Nokia trying to distance themselves from the phablet moniker? After all Apple has done that with FaceTime when in reality it’s just video calling, so why not Nokia, right?

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