NSA Director Might Have Starship Enterprise Bridge Replica

nsa-meeting-roomAll right, this might sound a little bit strange to some of you out there, but apparently, leaked documents do point towards the very real possibility of the folks over at the NSA actually owning a replica facility of the Starship Enterprise’s iconic bridge. Yes sir, we are talking about the very same flagship vessel from the sci-fi series, Star Trek. A Foreign Policy investigation concerning NSA director Keith Alexander did shed some light on his former Fort Belvoir facility, where it boasted of a war room that was specially designed to mimic the bridge which many Trekkies are familiar with. I guess this is another example of your tax dollars at work.

In a tour of the facility, it seems that Alexander could not contain his pride and allegedly showed his colleagues the Information Dominance Centre, which has been custom built by a Hollywood set designer in order to make you feel as though you have stepped into the iconic Starship Enterprise bridge itself. I wonder who was Alexander’s “Spock” in real life. Anyways, what you see above is not the real deal, but rather the movie set itself. The report did mention that this custom built area boasted of “chrome panels, computer stations, a huge TV monitor on the forward wall”, not to mention doors that slid open and close with the “whoosh” sound effect.

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