threeJust what kind of public transportation do you think the future will hold? We have seen our fair share of flying cars and buses, but how about something smaller and more intimate as well as compact? This is where the nThree comes in, and from the name itself, you can infer that it will arrive with three wheels attached to it. The nThree concept will be powered by a solitary electric engine which will be able to drive power to the rear wheel. To steer the nThree around, it is as simple as a turn of the wheel, and motorcyclists would find it to be a pretty natural switch. The two front wheels will tilt as they turn, offering you a tighter turning radius.

The nThree’s frame design might be lightweight but it is sturdy, after being modeled after the natural strength of a bird’s beak. This might seem to be a design variant of Tron: Legacy’s light cycle designs, but the nThree will hopefully cost just a fraction of other similar rides. Needless to say, this is but a conceptual idea at this point in time, so keep your fingers crossed that someone or an entity would see the need to come up with a sum of money to see it materialize in our world.

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