paypal-iphone-app-pay-aheadPayPal has finally started to realize the long awaited dream of many to roll out a new app for both iPhone and Android platforms. This new app will be free on both platforms, where it will also come with a bunch of innovative new features such as the ability to order and pay for something before you even enter a particular store, in addition to paying right at the table in selected restaurants. Those are pretty nifty really, but the most noticeable upgrade might be this – it would make the entirety of PayPal’s current services to be a whole lot easier to use.

For instance, you can now switch between using your payment sources in a jiffy for every transaction, as PayPal would no longer hustle its way to make use of your bank account for just about everything. This would mean if you want to send some dough over to your mates, it is easier than ever before, while PayPal has also thrown in additional integration with its Bill Me Later service. You are able to apply for Bill Me Later directly from within the app, and will enjoy a line of credit in a matter of seconds. These new apps will show how PayPal is capable of innovating by introducing completely new features, in addition to making its existing technology a whole lot more user-friendly.

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